Oklahoma Infant Sleep Safety for Nurses
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 Certificate: OPQI Safe Sleep
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Learning Objectives:

During this course you will be asked to take a Pre-Assessment for this course. Following the course you will be need to go into your "My Learning" and click on the "M" and complete the course by taking a Post-Assessment. You will then receive your certificate.

Upon completion of the continuing education

program, nurses will be able to:

Define etiology and epidemiology of U.S. and Oklahoma infant mortality rate

* Racial disparities


 Define etiology, epidemiology and risk factors of :
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Preventable infant sleep related deathsList the critical risk-reduction and prevention messages for parents and caregivers.
* Four barriers to back sleeping * Describe nurses’ key role as educators to parents, caregivers and peers about infant sleep safety* Describe ways that nurses can effectively communicate infant sleep safety messages to parents and caregivers* Identify elements of a hospital infant safe sleep policy


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Subject Area(s):
General Public Health
Maternal / Child Health
Prevention / Promotion
Childcare Providers
Emergency Responders / Receivers
General Public Health Staff
Public Health
Administrative Support Staff
Administrators / Directors / Managers
General / Field / Frontline Staff
Senior Level-non supervisory staff
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Course Level: Intermediate
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Sponsor: OSDH-Maternal and Child Health Service
Accreditations: none
Special Notes: You will be prompted to take a Pre-Assessment prior to viewing the materail and then once you have read through the Powerpoint, you will need to close that window and go to take your post test. To take the post-test: go into your "MyTraining" (a link on the right on the OK-TRAIN home page) and click on the "M" to manage your training. Change status to complete and it will direct you to the Post-Assessment. OK-TRAIN will email the T.E.D. that you have completed the training and we can verify your Media Post Test. Then you can print your certificate.
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Name: Angela Dickson
Phone: 405-271-9444
email: AngelaD@health.ok.gov
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Great content, but site is NOT user friendly! Having an IT background I was able to find everything I needed, but I can imagine this would be very challenging for many users.
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I too am unable to complete the post assessment and complete the course. This is a competency requirement for my employment and I need assistance to complete. Please help.
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I was unable to access the post assessment & could not complete the course.
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